Food Quality at Elyianda

How we get and produce our food have changed dramatically over the past years. Recent trends in global food production, distribution and preparation call for increased emphasis on hygienic practices at all levels and for increased research in food quality in order to ensure safer global food supply.

At Elyianda, we understand that the overall responsibility for food quality and food safety is shared by all segments of the food system, including the various food industry sectors, government regulatory agencies, and consumers in general. The food industry has both the legal and moral responsibility for providing customers and consumers with foods that meet all established quality and safety requirements.

And because we give first priority to the need for high quality and safe foods, we monitor and supervise health, hygiene, and technological criteria at the stages related to Elyianda's role in food transport, commercialization and utilization stages, as much as we can, keeping in mind the ongoing development of food processing methods, modernization of the equipment and diversification of the food range.

Our quality control activities consist of inspecting, testing, and monitoring associated with raw materials control, process control, and finished products control to determine whether the quality and safety requirements are fulfilled. At Elyianda, we ensure that our products are in compliance with the rules and regulations set by the Jordanian Ministry of Agriculture. In addition, our products have come from sources that are ISO 9001 or HACCP certified.