Elyianda Consultation

Elyianda Consultants is a Jordanian based company, established in the year 2008 by two qualified & experienced business entrapper, with wide range of experience in food supplies, Processing & Industrial Refrigeration Systems both in Jordan and Overseas Elyianda Consultants is professionally managed by qualified and experienced team, providing comprehensive and total solutions to food and food processing industry. Our objective is to provide the latest scientifically proven technologies and products.

Elyianda is technically equipped to assist companies in establishing new projects enhancing productivity and cutting down costs, evaluate/re-engineer existing projects and implement marketing strategies. Elyianda has a vast depth of talent, practical experience, technical and managerial expertise to suit the needs of the clients.

Elyianda provides personalized quality service in completing the tasks to specifications, within the agreed time frame and budgets. Elyianda team works closely with clients and suppliers at different platform to ensure a win-win situation Elyianda team has handled & currently involved in various international & domestic food supplies/food processing projects, Maintaining robust commercial ties and expertise of business in Brazil, Australia, India, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Egypt.

Elyianda team work hard to integrate & appreciate local conditions Products and their origins are audited onsite by independent international certification bodies, against strict sustainability criteria, In line with affordable pricing structure to assist in marketing the products in niche premium Retail Markets for importers, understand the cultural & operational differences for different products and different markets.

Our services are focused to suite customer requirements; we assist clients in setting up supply chain, logistics, food processing units and plants. We also provide:

  • Preparation of Feasibility/Detailed Project Reports
  • Site Selection
  • Concept Design
  • Detailed Engineering & Tendering
  • Project Evaluation
  • Project Re-Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Production Re-Engineering
  • Commissioning of Refrigeration Plants
  • Machinery Identification, Evaluation & Selection
  • NPD (New Product Development)
  • ISO & HACCP Implementation
  • Quality Control & Inspection
  • Setting up Laboratory
  • Auditing Processing Plants
  • Commercial Production
  • Periodic Monitoring & Trouble Shooting
  • Manpower Planning, Recruitment & Training
  • Marketing frozen/ fresh Food Products
  • Global Sourcing of fresh and frozen food according to the buyer's specification
  • Negotiate prices on behalf of the Importer
  • Ensuring proper shipment/ ensuring timely shipment
  • Updating importer on market information & product availability
  • Comprehensive inspection of every container prior to shipment

We are currently designing and building state-of-art FREE ZONE chillers and freezers plant to provide value added products and services for different clients, assist in manufacturing and marketing of value added products for large integrated Food Company, and setting up of a new company in UAE to serve local and regional markets, Processing, Packing & Export of Fresh Chilled and Frozen, Site selection, Project implementation and management of value added food processing plants for different foodstuffs.