About Elyianda

Elyianda was founded in Jordan as an import and export establishment and has an active role in providing the meat-processing plants in the Middle East with the highest quality of raw materials of meat and food ingredients from all corners of the globe as part of global standards and specifications that suit the needs of each client separately. Elyianda believes in the principle that ensuring continuing success in any business endeavor comes from credibility and equitable partnership among all parties concerned beginning from the staff and consultants in Elyianda to its suppliers and customers Win-Win Partnership.

We at Elyianda adopt a unique policy and action plan to ensure that our customers are provided with high quality, low cost and low risk products through the following:

  • Finding resources of high-efficiency capable of competing, adapting and conforming to the specifications, standards and requirements of our customers in the Middle East.
  • The knowledge and ability to know the products through the unique specifications of each product.
  • Identifying the conditions, time and the appropriate environment that enable the product to show its quality and competitive characteristics.
  • Importing credible tough quality control and meeting agreed deadlines.
  • Provide after-sales experience in consulting and technical services.
  • Relay all customer feedback to the concerned individuals, then follow-up and coordinate with them to ensure that all feedback is taken consideration to ensure product development.

As Elyianda enjoys a network of close ties and mutual trust with its clients, it was able to act as a non-beneficiary mediator between its customers through the exchange of commercial and technical interests between themselves. At Elyianda, we use international experts on both managerial and technical levels as well as consultants with a variety of experience including market assessments and requirements, transportation, technical specifications and quality control.

Elyianda relies on its resources from countries such as China, India, Brazil, Palestine, Egypt, and Europe and considers the Middle East as the marketplace.

Elyianda participates in most events and activities of the most important specialized regional and global exhibitions such as; Dubai Food, Anuga, Guangzhou, IFFA and SIAL in order to keep up with the new technologies, find new resources and stay abreast of everything that is modern in the field of raw materials such as meat and natural non-hydrogenated food additives.